Welcome to Fuel On Plants, your one stop shop for nutritional information that you need to be strong, fit and active on a plant-based diet. This is aimed primarily at vegans, but you may be somebody that’s considering a vegan lifestyle, or that appreciated the benefits of a plant-based diet, especially when getting in shape. Either way, whatever your motivations are, Fuel On Plants can help.

Why veganism?

Veganism years back was seen as quite a specialised lifestyle for a small passionate community, but in recent times there has been a sharp increase in the plant-based lifestyle.

More and more people with different motivations are trying the vegan lifestyle. It could be for weight loss, or perhaps some bodybuilders are seeing that it is possible to make gains with the power of plant food. Maybe it is to regulate the pH balance in one’s system. There are many reasons people are choosing veganism, and there are clearly benefits all round, from an ethical perspective and for one’s well being.

Doing our part

Our focus here is not to place judgment on people’s motivations, but to share ideas on how vegan diets and supplementation can complement a lifestyle with frequent gym or other forms of physical activity. There are many questions about whether veganism is compatible with bodybuilding, or long distance running. We have an answer for questions like this. Vegan Fuel Foods is here to give you the information, enlightenment and food for thought that should keep you on track.

Fuel On Plants

This website hopes to give you all that exercise regular and are presently plant-based or considering a lifestyle switch the information and the confidence to train and gain, animal free.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be happy to answer.

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